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Our network of advisors have spent hundreds of hours studying the Social Security system and how to maximize benefits. While maximizing benefits through optimal filing strategies may seem like a fairly simple task, coordinating those benefits with other assets and income streams in retirement is much more complex. At PMB, we often use the analogy of a “Carton of Eggs”. Everyone reaches retirement with their unique carton of eggs. They key is determining which egg to crack first and why. Why might you consider spending some of your IRA or 401K money at the beginning of your retirement and deferring Social Security until later in life? While this may seem counter intuitive to the way most people think, it may offer very unique advantages.

Our nationwide network of Social Security counselors can help determine the best strategy for you. Isn’t it worth the time to educate yourself before making one of the largest financial decisions of your life? Each member of our network offers a complimentary Social Security strategy session to help you get the most out of everything you’ve worked so hard for! Click “Find a Counselor” at the top of the page to find the location nearest you.



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